The International Crafts Fair, under the Very High Sponsorship of the Head of State, is a privileged place for meetings and exchanges between the players of the craft world and the general public.

Since 2008, when it was founded, this biennial has become a must and has an international character as it brings together both the diversity and richness of Cameroonian Craftsmanship but also… discoveries from all over the world.
In 2020, the Cameroon International Craft Show will celebrate its 7th edition at the National Museum of the Country's Capital. This major meeting, originally scheduled for May, will finally take place from November 27 to December 6, 2020, because of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Organized around the theme of "revitalising the marketing system of handicrafts and conquering external markets", the Siarc 2020 will revolve around conferences and debates, professional exhibitions, skills training workshops, B2B meetings, the selection of the best craftsmen and awards, gastronomic spaces and other cultural activities.

A sustainability associated with the prestige that give it a status of reference in Cameroon and far beyond borders. Over the years, SIARC has been part of the dynamics of modernity. The craft world has extraordinary skills for evolution and adaptation, and if its sectors continue to transform, it is above all the work of professionals who bring it to life.

To welcome you in complete serenity, we wanted to bring you all the health guarantees through the definition of a health repository including a set of measures. These measures range from the wearing of the mandatory mask to the reinforced and systematic cleaning of the site, through physical distance, differentiated flow circulation and the provision of hydro-alcoholic gel.

For this purpose, for about ten days, the National Museum in Yaounde, and by extension, Cameroon will be at the center of curiosities with the presentation of labelled products and services from dynamic sectors of crafts here and elsewhere. Visitors to this new edition will discover more wonders…

With all these assets, SIARC is at the same time a veritable showcase of exhibition, a global place of commerce, a platform for business and free trade, an interface of exploration and conquest of new customers and ultimately a profitable investment for companies wishing to have more visibility at the national level and expand their activities on the international market. So, we invite you all to come and celebrate this great mass of crafts, SIARC 2020!


  • SIARC 2021
    During the fair, you will meet more than 650 exhibitors spread over more than 5 hectares in this privileged space …
  • The craftsman's trade
    Crafts are divided into three main categories: crafts, production crafts and service crafts.
  • Craftsmen's Corner
    CCISM: Patented craftsmen, CCISM informs you and accompanies you on the measures, links and contacts useful to deal with this crisis.